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Mission Statement.

The mission of Lotus Garden Meditation Center is to contribute to the welfare of all by teaching the principles of and propagating the practice of the ancient science of Yoga-Meditation at (little or) no cost to the public. We provide a variety of quality programs through events offered at our own facilities, and in partnership with public and private venues, such as schools, community centers, hospitals, prisons, cancer centers, drug rehabilitation centers, crisis centers; as well as through partnership programs offered at the facilities of other nonprofit organizations and for-profit businesses.

In support of its mission, Lotus Garden Meditation Center teaches and propagates - through classes, seminars, retreats, and publications - healthy vegetarian dietary practices, organic gardening, sustainable agriculture, yoga, meditation, and good health through exercise and preventative maintenance. Through these offerings, we seek to enable a higher quality of life for everyone we touch, independent of their financial status. We teach practices which lead to a lifestyle of simple living and high thinking through self-realization and spiritual discovery; helping others to find a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life for themselves and their families.

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